Tuition Deadlines & Payment Information

Payment Deadlines

Follow Austin Community College’s tuition deadlines to avoid being dropped from classes. Interest-free payment plans are available to help you spread out the cost. Learn more about payment plans.


Spring 2024

Spring 2024: January 16, 2024, through May 12, 2024

Payment Deadlines (Payment in Full or Payment Plan Established)

If you registered: You must pay in full or establish a payment plan by:
October 16-January 3 Wednesday, January 3, 11:59 pm
January 4-January 9 Tuesday, January 9, 11:59 p.m.
January 10-January 17 Wednesday, January 17, 11:59 p.m.
January 18-January 23 Tuesday, January 23, 11:59 pm
January 24-January 30 Tuesday, January 30, 11:59 pm
January 31-February 6 Tuesday, February 6, 11:59 pm
February 7-February 13 Tuesday, February 13, 11:59 pm
February 14-February 20 Tuesday, February 20, 11:59 pm
February 21-February 27 Tuesday, February 27, 11:59 pm
February 28-March 5 Tuesday, March 5, 11:59 pm
March 6-March 19 Tuesday, March 19, 11:59 pm
March 20-March 26 Tuesday, March 26, 11:59 pm
March 27-April 2 Tuesday, April 2, 11:59 pm
April 3-April 9 Tuesday, April 9, 11:59pm
April 10-April 16 Tuesday, April 16, 11:59 pm
April 17-April 23 Tuesday, April 23, 11:59 pm
April 24-April 30 Tuesday, April 30, 11:59 pm
May 1-May 7 Tuesday, May 7, 11:59 pm

Summer 2024

Summer 2024: May 28, 2024, through August 4, 2024

Payment Deadlines (Payment in Full or Payment Plan Established)

If you registered: You must pay in full or establish a payment plan by:
April 1-May 14 Tuesday, May 14
May 15-May 21 Tuesday, May 21
May 22-May 29 Wednesday, May 29
May 30-June 4 Tuesday, June 4
June 5-June 11 Tuesday, June 11
June 12-June 18 Tuesday, June 18
June 19-June 25 Tuesday, June 25
June 26-July 2 Tuesday, July 2
July 3-July 9 Tuesday, July 9
July 10-July 16 Tuesday, July 16
July 17-July 23 Tuesday, July 23
July 24-July 30 Tuesday, July 30

Fall 2024

Fall 2024: August 26, 2024, through December 15, 2024

Payment Deadlines (Payment in Full or Payment Plan Established)

If you register between: Your payment deadline is 11:59 pm on:
May 13-August 13 Tuesday, Aug. 13
August 14-August 20 Tuesday, Aug. 20
August 21-August 27 Tuesday, Aug. 27
August 28-September 4 Wednesday, Sept. 4
September 5-September 10 Tuesday, Sept. 10
September 11-September 17 Tuesday, Sept. 17
September 18-September 24 Tuesday, Sept. 24
September 25-October 1 Tuesday, Oct. 01
October 2-October 8 Tuesday, Oct. 08
October 9-October 15 Tuesday, Oct.15
October 16-October 22 Tuesday, Oct. 22
October 23-October 29 Tuesday, Oct. 29
October 30-November 5 Tuesday, Nov.5
November 6-November 13 Wednesday, Nov.13
November 14-November 19 Tuesday, Nov.19
November 20-November 26 Tuesday, Nov.26
November 27-December 3 Tuesday, Dec.3
December 4-December 10 Tuesday, Dec.10

After logging in, select Make Payment to pay in full, or Payment Plans to pay by installments.

Find more information about tuition and fee rates.

Payment Plans

Need help paying your tuition? Interest-free payment plans are available, allowing you to stretch payments over three installments. The first down payment is required to be paid by the tuition deadline. You may also want to explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Payment Options

Methods of payment

ACC accepts checks, money orders (U.S.), and cashier’s checks drawn from U.S.
banks. ACC accepts the use of credit cards (American Express, Discover,
Mastercard, and Visa) for online payments.

  • ACC does NOT accept two-party checks, foreign money orders, checks drawn from foreign banks, or temporary checks.
  • Payment must be for the exact amount due.
  • Partial payments or overpayments are NOT accepted.

Pay Online

Pay online with a credit card, debit card, or e-check.

Pay by Mail

Pay by mail with a check or money order. Do NOT mail cash. Your payment must be received before your tuition deadline or you will be dropped from your classes.

Make checks or money orders payable to Austin Community College. Your student ACCeID number and phone number must be included on the check or money order.

Mail to:

ACC Highland Campus
6101 Highland Campus Drive
Building 3000
Austin, TX 78752

Questions? Please contact [email protected]

Insufficient Funds – Returned Items or Chargebacks

A $25 service fee applies for any items returned (ACH, chargeback, stop payment) unpaid for any reason by your financial institution. Current classes may be dropped on the next tuition deadline and a student hold will be placed on your account.

In order to remove the hold, you must pay the full amount, including service fees, by cash or money order.

Payment plan

A payment plan can help if you can’t pay your full tuition by the deadline.

Financial aid

Your tuition and fees will be covered up to the amount of your financial aid offer. To avoid being dropped for non-payment, you must ensure payment of any remaining difference before the tuition deadline.

Log in and compare your financial aid offer (the amount you accepted) with your tuition and fees balance.

If your financial aid covers your tuition balance:

No payment is needed. Your financial aid will be applied to your balance when your classes begin. If you are also owed a refund, you will receive it at that time.

If your financial aid is less than your tuition balance:

Pay the difference to secure your classes on the same day you register. You can either:

  • Pay your balance in full using your own funds; OR
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office at 512-223-4636 immediately to set up an interest-free payment plan. Your financial aid can be used as your first payment, so you will not have to put any money down. Payment plans through financial aid must be made by the payment plan deadline.

NOTE: All offers are initially offered based on full-time enrollment. Your financial aid offer is subject to change based on your actual enrollment (i.e. course selection, number of classes, etc.) and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status. See Maintaining Your Financial Aid.

Avoid Being Dropped for Non-Payment

You must pay any outstanding balance at registration if:

  • You have not received a financial aid offer or have not accepted your offer on Self-Service.
  • Your registration bill exceeds your financial aid offer.
  • Your classes do not qualify for financial aid.

Note: If you have a prior balance with ACC, you will need to pay that balance before registering or paying for the current term to avoid being dropped.

Confirm Financial Aid Payment

Your financial aid will not be released until your courses begin each semester, so your balance will remain on your account until then. Once your courses begin, confirm your financial aid has been paid by checking your billing statement online.

Other payment arrangements

Third-party Sponsorships

If a sponsor is paying your tuition, (for example, your employer, a government agency, or another agency), be sure they complete the authorization process before you register.

  • Obtain sponsorship agreement forms from the Student Accounting Office. Contact them at 512-223-1093, or email [email protected].
  • ACC must approve all third-party sponsorships.
  • Before registering, confirm with your sponsor that the sponsor agreement has been approved. If you register before the sponsor is approved, you could be dropped from your classes.
  • You are responsible for paying any amount not covered by the sponsor by the next payment deadline.


Dozens of scholarships are available through the generous donations of individuals, businesses, churches, civic groups, and clubs. Visit ACC’s scholarship website for more information. Also check your local library, online search engines, and private organizations for scholarship opportunities.

Prepaid Accounts

You may use prepaid accounts to pay tuition and fees only. Request a copy of your tuition and fees statement by emailing [email protected] or obtain a statement copy at a Cashier Office. You must pay any balance not covered by the following plans by the payment deadline or classes will be dropped.

  • Texas Guaranteed Tuition Fund or other states’ Sponsored Tuition Funds: Email a copy of the ID card issued by the fund or other proof of enrollment in the fund along with a copy of your driver’s license to [email protected].
  • 529 Plans or Trust Funds: You must provide a copy of your tuition and fees statement to the fund provider and request exact payment be mailed to:
    Austin Community College
    ATTN: Bill to Pay
    6101 Highland Campus Drive, Bldg 3000
    Austin, TX 78752
  • Include your name and ACCeID number on the check.
  • Payment must be for the exact amount due. Partial payment or overpayment are NOT accepted. Payment must be received by payment deadline or classes will be dropped.

Tuition Exemptions and Waivers

See exemptions and waivers available to some Texas residents.

Veterans Benefits

Arrange for ACC veteran services before you register.

Payment options for international students

ACC has partnered with Flywire to offer a streamlined and cost-effective payment method for international payments. Flywire offers favorable exchange rates and a secure portal for processing your payment to ACC. See Flywire for details.

ACC only accepts wire payments of the exact tuition amount. Payments in any other amount will be refused. The application fee must be paid separately through ACC Marketplace. No refunds will be processed via international wire.


ACC sends delinquent installment contracts, unpaid returned checks, outstanding miscellaneous charges, and financial aid adjustments to a third-party agency for collection. You are responsible for all collection costs and attorney fees.

Per Texas Education Code 54.007(2)(d): A student who fails to make full payment of tuition and fees by the due date may be prohibited from registering for classes until full payment is made. A student who fails to make payment prior to the end of the semester or term may be denied credit for the work done that semester or term.

Authorizing Other Users

You may provide another person online access to your account for payments by making them an authorized user. Setting up an authorized user does not grant ACC staff permission to discuss your student record with an authorized user*. You may edit or delete an authorized user at any time.

1. Log in to your account.
2. Select Authorized Users, located on the right-hand menu.
3. Follow the prompts to complete setup.

* The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s educational records. The college is unable to release information to others without the student’s written permission.

In-Person Release of Student Information

You must complete a Cashier Office Proxy Authorization Form to grant permission for the Cashier Office to discuss your account information with others. The original completed form must be presented to the Cashier Office at the time of service.

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