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Welcome to Austin Community College! Endless opportunities await to help you reach your goals and make your mark on the world. The International Student Office is eager to guide you toward a rewarding college experience. We offer support from the time you apply to ACC until you earn an associate degree and/or transfer to a university.

It’s our pledge to help you succeed at ACC.

International Student Application Deadlines – Academic Program

Semester F-1 New Students (Needing an F-1 visa) F-1 Transfer Students (Students that have an f-1 Visa) F-1 Co-Enrollment and All Other Visa Type Students Required Arrival Dates
(August to December)
June 1 July 15   August 5 August 1
(January to May)
October 1 November 15 December 15 January 2
(May to August)
n/a April 15 May 5 May 10

If your application is submitted after the deadline, you will automatically be considered for admission for the next available semester.

Academic Program


The following are not classified as international students and will complete these enrollment steps.

High school students applying for the Dual Credit Program to take ACC classes before graduation must contact the Dual Credit Office.

Submit a Question

For prospective student and application status questions, email [email protected].

For current student questions and all other inquiries, email [email protected].

Click the following link to schedule an appointment with the International Student Office.

Contact the International Student Office.

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