Schedule Changes

Students can add and drop classes in which they are enrolled during the schedule change period at the start of each semester or session.

See important dates and deadlines for the schedule change dates for your semester or session.

If you are enrolled in classes before the first day of the semester or session in which you wish to enroll, you may add and drop classes for that session or for a later session. 

If you are not already enrolled in classes in the session in which you wish to enroll, you cannot register for a class after the session has started. You may register during the schedule change period for available courses in a later session. 

All posted tuition deadlines apply.

Drop/withdrawal Penalties

Avoid penalties by reviewing drop/withdrawal rules before you drop a class. Areas that are affected include financial aid, veterans’ benefits, international student status, and academic standing.

Tuition refunds: You are eligible for a partial refund during schedule change periods. To receive a 100% refund, you must drop a class before the semester/session begins.

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