Third Course Attempt: Questions & Answers

Why does ACC have third course attempt tuition?

ACC charges additional tuition to compensate state funding that’s lost when you repeat a class after the second attempt.

What counts as a course attempt?

A course is considered attempted if you were enrolled on the census date for your course. This applies to courses taken at ACC since fall 2002.

Do you count course attempts at my previous college?

No. Courses transferred to ACC do not count as attempts.

How will I know if I am charged the additional tuition?

You receive the third course attempt tuition information when you register the third or subsequent time for a course.

Will I still be charged if I receive a tuition exemption?

You do not pay the third course attempt tuition if you receive a tuition exemption.

Are any types of courses exempt?

Yes. Courses are exempt if they are designed to be repeated (e.g., special topic courses or music lessons). See course exemptions.

I’m not a Texas resident. Am I exempt from this policy?

No. All students, regardless of residency, will pay an additional tuition.

Will my financial aid pay for the additional tuition?

You can pay the additional tuition charges with your financial aid award if funds are available. Be aware that repeating a class may impact financial aid policies for eligible classes and standards of academic progress.

Will a payment plan cover the additional tuition?

Yes. The additional tuition will be included in the payment plan automatically.

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