Third Course Attempt Exemptions

The courses listed below are exempt from the third course attempt fee.

These courses may be repeated for credit. This list may be updated from time to time. Students are responsible for being aware of which courses may be repeated for credit. If a course is not on this list, additional tuition will be charged on the third or subsequent attempt.

Third Course Attempt Exemptions, 2022-2023

Dept Course Title
ACCO ACNT-1391 Special Topics in Accounting
ACCO ACNT-1392 Special Topics in Accounting Technician
ACCO ACNT-1393 Special Topics in Taxation
AICO HART-1491 Special Topics in Heating,Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
AICO HART-2188 Internship – Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Maintenance Technology/Technician
AIFS AFS-1204 The Foundations of the United States Air Force I
AIFS AFS-1205 Foundations of the US Air Force II
AIFS AFS-1211 The Evolution of USAF Air and SpacePower
AIFS AFS-1212 Evolution of the US Air Force II
ARTS ARTS-2317 Painting II
ARTS ARTS-2323 Life Drawing I
ARTS ARTS-2347 Ceramics II
ARTS ARTS-2366 Watercolor Painting
ASLI SLNG-1391 Special Topics in Sign Language Interpreter
ASLI SLNG-2288 Internship-Sign LanguageInterpretation and Translation
AUTE AUMT-2188 Internship-Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician
AUTE MTRC-1491 Special Topics in Motorcycle Mechanic and Repairer
AUTE SMER-1491 Special Topics in Small Engine Mechanic and Repairer
BIOT BITC-1491 Special Topics in Biological Technology/Technician
BIOT BITC-2486 Internship-Biology Technician/Biotechnol ogy Laboratory Technician I
BIOT BITC-2487 Internship-Biology Technician/Biotechnol ogy Laboratory Technician II
BUCT CNBT-1391 Special Topics in Construction/Building Technology/Technician
BUCT CRPT-1291 Special Topics in Carpentry
BUCT CRPT-1491 Special Topics in Carpentry
BUCT WDWK-1191 Special Topics in Cabinet Maker and Millworker
BUCT WDWK-1391 Special Topics in Cabinet Maker andMillworker
BUCT WDWK-1491 Special Topics in Cabinet Maker andMillworker
CHCD CDEC-1293 Special Topics in Early Childhood Education and Teaching
CHCD CDEC-1392 Special Topics in Child Development
COIS BCIS-2390 System Analysis and Design: Project Management
COIS GAME-1394 Special Topics in Animation,Interactive Technology, Video GraphicsSpecial Effects
COIS ITSC-2264 Practicum – CIS, General
COIS ITSC-2364 Practicum – CIS, General
COIS ITSE-1391 Special Topics in Computer Programming
COIS ITSE-1392 Special Topics in Computer Programming
COIS ITSE-1393 Special Topics in Systems Analysis
COIS ITSE-1394 Special Topics in Computer Science
COMU MUSB-2386 Internship: Music Business Management
COMU MUSB-2450 Commercial Music Project
COMU MUSC-1391 Special Topics in Music, General
COMU MUSP-1142 Small Commercial Music Ensemble
COMU MUSP-1148 Small Commercial Music Ensemble: Improvisation
COMU MUSP-1150 Small Commercial Music Ensemble: Jazz
COMU MUSP-1151 Small Commercial Music Ensemble:Recording
COMU MUSP-1201 Applied Commercial Music: Arranging and Composition
COMU MUSP-1203 Applied Commercial Music: Acoustic Bass
COMU MUSP-1204 Applied Commercial Music: Bass Guitar
COMU MUSP-1205 Applied Commercial Music: CommercialGuitar
COMU MUSP-1210 Applied Commercial Music: Piano
COMU MUSP-1217 Applied Commercial Music: Percussion
COMU MUSP-1223 Applied Commercial Music: Synthesizer
COMU MUSP-1227 Applied Commercial Music: Voice
CUAR CHEF-1391 Special Topics in Culinary Arts/ChefTraining
DIMS DMSO-1191 Special Topics in Diagnostic MedicalSonography Technician
DMIR CTMT-1291 Special Topics in Computed Tomography Technology/Technician
DRAM DRAM-1120 Theater Practicum I
DRAM DRTE-1375 Special Topics in Professional Tools forEntertainment Technicians
EMHS HMSY-1391 Special Topics in Homeland Security
EMST EMSP-1147 Pediatric Advanced Life Support
EMST EMSP-1149 Prehospital Trauma Life Support
EMST EMSP-2135 Advanced Cardiac Life Support
ENDG DFTG-1491 Special Topics in Drafting
ENDG DFTG-1494 Special Topics in Electrical/Electronics Drafting and Electrical/ElectronicsCAD/CADD
ENSL ESOL-0241 IEP Listening and Speaking 1
ENSL ESOL-0242 IEP Listening and Speaking 2
ENSL ESOL-0243 IEP Listening and Speaking 3
ENSL ESOL-0244 IEP Listening and Speaking 4
ENSL ESOL-0261 IEP Reading 1
ENSL ESOL-0262 IEP Reading 2
ENSL ESOL-0263 IEP Reading 3
ENSL ESOL-0264 IEP Reading 4
ENSL ESOL-0281 IEP Writing 1
ENSL ESOL-0282 IEP Writing 2
ENSL ESOL-0283 IEP Writing 3
ENSL ESOL-0284 IEP Writing 4
ENSL ESOL-0291 IEP Grammar 1
ENSL ESOL-0292 IEP Grammar 2
ENSL ESOL-0293 IEP Grammar 3
ENSL ESOL-0294 IEP Grammar 4
ENSL ESOL-0301 Oral Communication 1
ENSL ESOL-0302 Oral Communication 2
ENSL ESOL-0303 Oral Communication 3
ENSL ESOL-0304 Oral Communication 4
ENSL ESOL-0309 Advanced American Pronunciation
ENSL ESOL-0311 Reading and Vocabulary 1
ENSL ESOL-0312 Reading and Vocabulary 2
ENSL ESOL-0313 Reading and Vocabulary 3
ENSL ESOL-0314 Reading and Vocabulary 4
ENSL ESOL-0371 Writing 1
ENSL ESOL-0372 Writing 2
ENSL ESOL-0373 Writing 3
ENSL ESOL-0374 Writing 4
ENSL ESOL-0392 Business Communications for Non-Native Speakers
ENSL ESOL-0393 Intensive Grammar for Speakers of OtherLanguages
ENSL ESOL-0395 Grammar 1
ENSL ESOL-0396 Grammar 2
ENSL ESOL-0397 Grammar 3
ENSL ESOL-0398 Grammar 4
ENSL NCBE-0111 Non-Course Based ESOL
ENSL NCBE-0112 Non-Course Based ESOL Reading Co-Required
ENSL NCBE-0113 Non-Course Based ESOL Writing Co-Required
ENSL NCBE-0114 Non-Course Based ESOL Grammar Co-Required
ENSL NCBE-0141 IEP Oral Communication for Non-Native S peakers
ENSL NCBE-0161 IEP Reading for Non-Native Speakers
ENSL NCBE-0181 IEP Writing for Non-Native Speakers
ENSL NCBE-0191 IEP Grammar for Non-Native Speakers
ENSL NCBE-0341 NCBE Oral Communication and Pronunciation
ENSL NCBE-0361 NCBE Reading Interactively
ENSL NCBE-0381 NCBE Writing
ENSL NCBE-0391 NCBE Intensive Grammar
FIMA BUSG-1193 Special Topics in Finance, General
GDAM ARTV-1491 Special Topics in Visual and Performing Arts
GISC GISC-1491 Special Topics in Cartography
HOMA HAMG-1191 Special Topics in Hospitality Administration and Management
HOMA HAMG-1391 Special Topics in Hospitality Administration and Management
HOMA TRVM-1391 Special Topics in Travel and Tourism
HUDE SDEV-0111 Transition to College Success
HUSE DAAC-1391 Special Topics in Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling
HUSE HUSE-2471 Internship I: Human Services
HUSE HUSE-2472 Internship II: Human Services
HUSE PSYT-1394 Special Topics in Counseling Psychology
HUSE RECT-1391 Special Topics in Recreational Therapy
HUSE SCWK-1391 Special Topics in Social Work
INBU IBUS-1391 Special Topics in International Business
INRW INRW-0230 Integrated College Reading and Writing Strategies
INRW INRW-0340 Integrated Reading and WritingStrategies
INRW INRW-0420 Intermediate Integrated Reading andWriting Strategies
INRW INRW-0430 Integrated College Reading and WritingStrategies
INRW NCBI-0110 Intermediate Non-Course Based Integrated Reading and Writing
INRW NCBI-0120 Non-Course Based Integrated Reading and Writing
INRW NCBI-0210 Intermediate Non-Course Based Integrated Reading and Writing
INRW NCBI-0220 Non-Course Based Integrated Reading and Writing
INRW NCBI-0310 Intermediate Non-Course Based Integrated Reading and Writing
INRW NCBI-0320 Non-Course Based Integrated Reading and Writing
JEWL JLRY-1490 Special Topics in Metal and Jewelry Arts
KINE KINE-1101 Cardio Conditioning
KINE KINE-1103 Aqua Fitness
KINE KINE-1105 Basketball
KINE KINE-1106 Bowling
KINE KINE-1107 Conditioning-Stretching/Flexibility
KINE KINE-1108 Conditioning- Walk/Jog
KINE KINE-1113 Dance-Jazz I
KINE KINE-1114 Dance-Mid-East
KINE KINE-1116 Social Dance
KINE KINE-1118 Fencing I
KINE KINE-1119 Flag Football
KINE KINE-1120 Golf I
KINE KINE-1121 Gymnastics I
KINE KINE-1127 Martial Arts Aikido
KINE KINE-1128 Martial Arts Conditioning
KINE KINE-1131 Martial Arts Tai Chi
KINE KINE-1132 Martial Arts Weaponry
KINE KINE-1138 Self Defense
KINE KINE-1139 Soccer
KINE KINE-1140 Softball I
KINE KINE-1141 Swimming I
KINE KINE-1142 Tennis I
KINE KINE-1144 Volleyball
KINE KINE-1145 Weight Training I
KINE KINE-1146 Yoga I
KINE KINE-1147 Martial Arts-Karate I
KINE KINE-2101 Aerobics II
KINE KINE-2103 Bowling II
KINE KINE-2106 Dance-Jazz II
KINE KINE-2108 Dance Mid-East II
KINE KINE-2110 Fencing II
KINE KINE-2111 Golf II
KINE KINE-2112 Gymnastics II
KINE KINE-2113 Martial Arts Aikido II
KINE KINE-2114 Martial Arts Karate II
KINE KINE-2115 Martial Arts Tai Chi II
KINE KINE-2118 Snorkeling
KINE KINE-2119 Soccer II
KINE KINE-2120 Tennis II
KINE KINE-2121 Volleyball II
KINE KINE-2122 Weight Training II
KINE KINE-2123 Yoga II
LEAS LGLA-1391 Special Topics
LEAS LGLA-2388 Internship – Paralegal/Legal Assistant
MADE MATD-0342 Statistics Foundations
MADE MATD-0370 Elementary Algebra
MADE MATD-0385 Contemporary Math Foundations
MADE MATD-0414 Developmental Algebra
MADE MATD-0421 Developmental Mathematics 1st Semester
MADE MATD-0424 Developmental Business Math
MADE MATD-0444 Developmental Algebra for Precalculus
MADE MATD-0485 Developing Mathematical Thinking
MADE NCBM-0111 Non-Course Based Math
MADE NCBM-0142 Support for Elementary Statistics
MADE NCBM-0185 Support for Contemporary Math
MADE NCBM-0214 Support for College Algebra
MADE NCBM-0222 Math Thinking Foundations
MADE NCBM-0224 Support for Math for Business and Economics
MADE NCBM-0244 Support for College Algebra for Precalculus
MADE NCBM-0270 Algebra Foundations
MANA BUSG-1191 Special Topics in Business, General
MARK MRKG-1391 Special Topics in Business Marketing and Marketing Management
MARK MRKG-2388 Internship – Marketing/MarketingManagement, General
MISC MLS-1612 Basic Military Science I-A
MISC MLS-1622 Basic Military Science I-B
MISC MLS-1632 Basic Military Science II-A
MISC MLS-1642 Basic Military Science II-B
MUSI MUAP-1203 Bass-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1204 Bass-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1207 Bassoon-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1208 Bassoon-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1211 Cello-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1212 Cello-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1215 Clarinet-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1216 Clarinet-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1219 Composition-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1220 Composition-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1223 Double Bass- Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1224 Double Bass-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1227 Euphonium-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1228 Euphonium-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1231 Flute-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1232 Flute-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1235 French Horn-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1236 French Horn-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1241 Guitar-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1242 Guitar-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1243 Percussion-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1244 Percussion-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1245 Harp-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1246 Harp-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1247 Piano-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1248 Piano-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1249 Oboe-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1250 Oboe-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1251 Saxophone-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1252 Saxophone-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1255 Trombone-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1256 Trombone-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1265 Trumpet-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1266 Trumpet-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1275 Tuba-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1276 Tuba-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1279 Viola-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1280 Viola-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1285 Violin-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1286 Violin-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-1291 Voice-Level 1
MUSI MUAP-1292 Voice-Level 2
MUSI MUAP-2203 Bass-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2204 Bass-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2207 Bassoon-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2208 Bassoon-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2211 Cello-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2212 Cello-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2215 Clarinet-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2216 Clarinet-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2223 Double Bass-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2224 Double Bass-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2227 Euphonium-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2228 Euphonium-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2231 Flute-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2232 Flute-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2235 French Horn-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2236 French Horn-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2241 Guitar-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2242 Guitar-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2243 Percussion-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2244 Percussion-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2245 Harp-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2246 Harp-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2247 Piano-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2248 Piano-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2249 Oboe-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2250 Oboe-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2251 Saxophone-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2252 Saxophone-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2255 Trombone-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2256 Trombone-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2265 Trumpet-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2266 Trumpet-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2275 Tuba-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2276 Tuba-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2279 Viola-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2280 Viola-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2285 Violin-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2286 Violin-Level 4
MUSI MUAP-2291 Voice-Level 3
MUSI MUAP-2292 Voice-Level 4
MUSI MUEN-1121 Jazz Ensemble A-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1122 Jazz Ensemble B-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1123 Chamber Orchestra-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1124 Percussion Ensemble-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1126 Concert Band-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1131 Chamber (Small) Instrumental Ensemble-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1132 Guitar Ensemble- Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1133 Brass Ensemble-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1134 String Ensemble-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1135 Keyboard Ensemble: Accompanying-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1136 Woodwind Ensemble-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1137 Chamber (Small) Instrumental Ensemble:Jazz Combo-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1141 Major Vocal Ensemble-Women’s Choir- Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1143 College Choir-Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-1151 Chamber (Small) Vocal Ensemble- Semesters 1 & 2
MUSI MUEN-2121 Jazz Ensemble A-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2122 Jazz Ensemble B-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2123 Chamber Orchestra-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2124 Percussion Ensemble-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2126 Concert Band-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2131 Chamber (Small) Instrumental Ensemble- Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2132 Guitar Ensemble-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2133 Brass Ensemble-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2134 String Ensemble-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2136 Woodwind Ensemble-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2137 Chamber (Small) Instrumental Ensemble: Jazz Combo-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2141 Major Vocal Ensemble-Women’s Choir-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2143 Major Vocal Ensemble-College Choir-Semesters 3 & 4
MUSI MUEN-2151 Chamber (small) Vocal Ensemble-Semesters 3 & 4
OFST POFI-2301 Word Processing: MS Word I
OFST POFT-1127 Introduction to Keyboarding
REES RELE-1391 Special Topics in Real Estate
SOCI SOC-2653 Research Methods in Sociology
SOCI SOC-2743 Social Statistics
TECO ETWR-1370 Social Media Law and Ethics
TECO ETWR-1391 Special Topics in English Technical and Business Writing
TECO ETWR-2364 Practicum (or Field Experience) – English Technical and Business Writing I
TECO ETWR-2370 Fundamentals of Digital Publishing(E-books)
TECO ETWR-2470 Multimedia for Technical Communication
VETE VTHT-1191 Special Topics in Veterinarian Assistant/Animal Health Technician
VICD ARTC-1391 Special Topics in Graphic Design, Commercial Art and Illustration
VICD ARTC-1392 Special Topics in Design and Visual Communication
VICD IMED-1491 Special Topics in Educational/Instructional Media Technology

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