Accepted F-1 Students


We are excited that you have chosen to study at Austin Community College. After the International Student Office notifies you of your admission, complete the following steps.

1. Form I-20/F1 Visa Application Process

Complete the Form I-20/Visa Application process if you are an accepted ACC student and are seeking the F-1 visa for the first time. Skip this this step if you already have a valid F-1 visa.

2. Submit Meningitis Immunization Proof or Waiver if You are Under Age 22.

Your online services account will indicate if you need to submit meningitis immunization documents. This can include an exemption or waiver. See meningitis requirement instructions.

3. Arrive at ACC’s International Student Office.

ACC expects you to arrive by the Program Start Date on your I-20 for testing, advising, class registration, and orientation. See required arrival dates. You will not be able to register for classes until you check in. Transfer F-1 student should confirm your expected arrival date with the ACC International Student Office.

Upon arrival in the U.S., you must report to the International Student Office within 48 hours.

On your first visit to the office, bring the following items:

  • Passport (Containing your F-1 Student Visa)
  • Most Recent Electronic I-94 Record — bring two printed copies.
  • Your ACC SEVIS Form I-20
  • Your I-901 SEVIS Fee Receipt. Can be re-printed from:
  • $29 To Pay for Placement Testing. Review your Welcome Guide to determine if testing is required. Upon check-in, Transfer F-1 students will be given information on whether placement testing is required.

Failure to report to the ISO with these documents will jeopardize your F-1 Student Visa status.

See the International Student Office hours.

4. Sign Up for Orientation.

You must attend the international student orientation. See orientation information.

5. New Riverbat Orientation and Advising.

In addition to the F-1 Student Orientation, you will want to attend the New Riverbat Orientation and Group Advising session offered to all ACC students. Please visit the New Riverbat Orientation & Advising page to begin. 

6. Registration & Payment

Plan, register, and pay: Your final application step is to plan your classes for the upcoming semester, then register and pay online by the posted deadlines. See registration information.

International Wires

International students paying for tuition in currency other than U.S. dollars may use Flywire to send an international wire. ACC only accepts wire payments of the exact tuition amount due. Payment in any other amount will be refused. See Flywire for details.

7. Prepare for Classes.

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  • Meet Virtually with the International Student Office

    You can meet with International Student Office staff without an appointment Monday through Friday. See times and other information.

    Join Zoom

    Meeting ID: 995 8669 0635
    Passcode: 640601

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