Current F-1 Students Co-Enrollment Authorization

An F-1 visa international student at Austin Community College must review and complete certain requirements to obtain approval to concurrently enroll (co-enroll) in classes at another college or university while maintaining a SEVIS record (I-20) with ACC.  An F-1 student must not co-enroll at another institution without prior approval from the ACC International Student Office.

Co-Enrollment Requirements

  1. Complete and submit the F-1 Co-Enrollment Authorization Form.
  2. Enroll/register in the requested course(s) at the other college or university.
  3. Attendance at the other college or university does not occur without prior approval from the ACC International Student Office. Failure to receive prior written permission may result in a violation of your F-1 student visa status and termination of your SEVIS record (I-20).
  4. Ensure the combined credit hours enrolled at ACC and the other college or university adds up to a full course of study, with a minimum of 12 credit hours, each fall and spring semesters. Summer semester enrollment is not required at ACC, unless you are starting ACC in the summer semester, in which case a full course of study requires enrollment in a minimum of 6 credit hours.
  5. Ensure at least half of the total credit hours are taken at ACC, a minimum of 6 credit hours (see #4 regarding summer enrollment).
  6. Only one online/distance learning course, no more than 3 credit hours, may be counted towards a student’s full-time enrollment per semester.
  7. The coursework at the other college or university cannot be avocational and should fulfill degree requirements at ACC or university transfer requirements.

F-1 Co-Enrollment Authorization Deadline

An F-1 student must submit the completed F-1 Co-Enrollment Authorization Form prior to the first class day of the semester in which they would like to co-enroll.

Applying to Austin Community College as an F-1 C0-Enrollment Student

If you are a prospective F-1 international student looking to co-enroll at ACC, please review the application requirements as an F-1 Co-Enrollment student.

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